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The marketing collective created for those living consciously.

Hello, vegan startups.

We work with those that share our ‘no compromise’ mindset and agree that vegan consumers deserve the same breadth of choice, quality of product and considerate customer service as everyone else.

By sharing our intimate knowledge of the vegan industry, our clients can capitalise on the rapidly growing ‘mega-trend’. In return, we all sleep a little better knowing that more people will make planet-positive choices than the day before.

Winner, winner, tofu dinner.

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Our story

We’re proud to be the UK’s first vegan-run freelancer collective. But as is the case with so many good ideas, Saffron Society has been a long ol’ time in the making…


Fun fact: the number of vegans in Britain quadrupled to 600,000 people between 2014 and 2018.

source: the vegan society

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News & trends

Veganism has become one of the world’s most significant and rapidly adopted lifestyle choices in recent times. To catch-up on the latest news peaking our interest, head over to our trends page.